Submission guidelines

Before submitting your proposal to CIVINEDU Conference 2024, please read the following guidelines. 

Proposals may be submitted in Spanish or in English as short paper format and according to the following guidelines:

– Title: should be no more than 12 words in length and will be included in English and Spanish.
– Author information: full name, affiliation and country.
– Abstract: between 100 and 150 words. It will be included in English and Spanish.
– Short paper length: between 1000 to 3000 words (including title, author information, abstract, keywords, and references).
– Font size and family: 12-point Times New Roman.
– Keywords: between 3 and 5 keywords.
– Suggested structure: introduction and objectives, methodology, results and discussion, conclusion.
– References: between 5 to 10 according to APA 7th style.
– Tables and figures: Two tables and/or figures.
– Further information: Download template

Proposals acceptance criteria

Scientific Committee and reviewers will apply the following criteria:
1. The proposal is original, developes one of the thematic lines of the conference, and follows the submission guidelines.
2. The proposal is well-founded, for example, it is based on existing knowledge (background) and/or it solves a problem.
3. Objectives are presented clearly and concisely.
4. Methodology is adequate and an analysis of the results is presented – if applicable.
5. There is a discussion based on the results and/or a practical application for the improvement of the study topic (transfer of results).

All accepted short papers will be published with ISBN in the Conference Book of Proceedings.

Supplementary material for virtual presentation

Please note that all accepted papers will be asynchronously presented through an individual forum system during the Conference days. The presentation will consist of an oral presentation of your communication, previously recorded in audio or video (10 minutes maximum). Please, find some examples below:




The video/audio of your presentation may be uploaded to any of the following platforms so during the Conference days you can share the link in your individual virtual forum:

-Others (contact us).

Optionally, you can send your presentation link to the Conference technical secretariat until May 17th at: civinedu[at]