Why rethink the discourse of the quality of education today? Politics and educational policy as perspectives

María Angélica Oliva, PhD, is a researcher, professor, writer and editor. She belongs to the Advanced Studies Center of the University of Playa Ancha, Chile, where she develops her research line in Educational Policy, at the Educational Policy Laboratory. She is a professor of History, Geography and Civic Education (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile); Master in Education (University of Chile); Diploma in Advanced Studies (University of Valencia); PhD in Pedagogy (University of Valencia); and Diploma in Introduction to the International Law of Human Rights (University of Chile and National Institute of Human Rights). Writer of books, chapters, indexed papers, articles, reviews, columns and comments. Member of scientific committees of conferences and editorials. Evaluator of researches, reports and indexed papers. Teaching postgraduate studies in Chile and Spain. Director of PhD theses in Chile and Spain. Counselor of Postdoctoral Studies. Researcher sponsor of the International Academic Mobility Program. Researcher in Chile, awarded through public competitions (Fondecyt Right to Education. Approach to the Analysis of the Discourse on the Quality of Education in the Chilean Educational Policy (1990-2016) (2017-2020). Participant of the Cultural Project Narratives of Crisis and Renewal, European Project, Marie Curie Actions. Research stays in Spain. Conference spaker and international courses teacher.



Educational innovation for the teaching of bioethics in health sciences: the contribution of medical TV shows

Irene Cambra Badii is a PhD in Psychology, teacher and researcher at the Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya, and researcher of the Research Group on Education in Health Sciences, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. She has been a teacher and researcher for more than ten years at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a result of her doctoral thesis, she has published the book «Doctor House and the question of truth», about the interrogation that the well-known television show allows to do about bioethics and psychology. She has published several academic articles on her lines of research: ethics, bioethics, audiovisual media and educational innovation.







The conditions for the successful introduction of 4.0 education in the IPN (Mexico)

Rocío Huera Cuervo, PhD, is Researcher and Professor at CIECAS – IPN within the Master in Economy and Municipal Management. Knowledge generation line: Institutional Capabilities, Municipal Public Finances, Evaluation of public policies and organizational studies in higher education. She teaches the learning units of State and Municipal Public Finance and Institutional Capacities for Local Development. Member of the Economic Development Network of the IPN. Member of the National Association of Evaluators of Mexico A. C. (ACEVAL). Member of the Network of Researchers in Local Governments A. C. (IGLOM). Member of the Editorial Board of the Educational Innovation Magazine. Member of the National System of Researchers Level I (CONACYT 2008-2020). Expert in Public Policy Evaluation, Sevilla University, 2017. PhD in Public Policies with specialization in organizational studies, Center for Research and Economic Teaching CIDE, 2013.